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The Stipendia App

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The Stipendia App has been downloaded hundreds of times by many business owners and individuals alike.

When we launched the App, we had a vision of creating an informative tool for users to access on-the-go. Not only that but we went one step further! We integrated IRIS OpenSpace, IRIS Payslips and Xero into the App, allowing you access to your payslips and cloud based accounting quickly and easily from your phone or tablet.

Our clients have praised this functionality, as it’s one of the few company Apps that allow you to do this. The App also includes:

  • Calculators for VAT, Stamp Duty, savings and more
  • Easy access mileage tracker, tracking your journey using enabled location services
  • A receipt manager, allowing to store electronic backups of all receipts
  • Market data and financial news
  • Contact details so you can immediately get in touch.

Recent reviews

“The Stipendia App makes it so much easier to track my incoming and outgoing finances. A must have for business users!”

– Emma, East Yorkshire

“I love this App! I get access to so many invaluable tools”

– Jill, West Yorkshire

“A must have tool for both individuals and business owners”

– Alan, North Yorkshire


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