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By outsourcing your payroll you release your staff for more productive duties within the business, but people still have fears.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Payroll can become a massive in-house cost which can be alleviated by outsourcing. It’s complexities need to be managed by knowledgeable professionals who can seamlessly compliment in-house staff.

1. Will we lose control of our payroll?

Not at all. After we have calculated and processed the data that is sent to us we resubmit back to the client for approval where and adjustments can be highlighted for us to apply. We manage but don’t control your payroll, you are always in control.

2. Will our data be secure?

Yes, we have a dedicated secure server where the data is heavily protected with a substantial disaster recovery system in place. Companies are often rightfully worried about sensitive financial information being handled externally but since the Data Protection Act came into force external suppliers are required to notify the information Commissioner of their activities and to comply with legislation associated with the act. So your payroll data is protected by law.

4. Will it be expensive?

No, it’s usually more cost effective than providing your own in-house payroll. When the costs are calculated accurately it’s often a surprise to discover the true cost of processing in-house. Wages, holidays, sick pay, hardware & software, training and specialist stationery are all but a few of the considerations to be taken into account when calculating the cost. go to cost calculator

5. Will it be inflexible?

The service is totally flexible due to the established relationship that our dedicated payroll specialist has with each client. Last minute adjustments can be dealt with immediately without any fuss.

6. How much payroll knowledge will we still need in-house?

You don’t need in-house payroll knowledge at all if you are outsourcing the service, all you need is for the nominated point of contact within your organisation to have a knowledge of the business and where to access information. So no need for any internal payroll knowledge.

7. Can we access data and pull off reports?

The service is totally flexible due to the established relationship that our dedicated payroll specialist has with each client. We can upload your reports in an agreed format to suit. As your needs change, we can adapt our reporting plan to make sure we’re providing the most effective service for you.

8. Is it a hassle to change over to outsourcing?

By setting up an implementation timetable and identifying who is responsible for collecting and delivering the information to us we make sure that it is as smooth and hassle free as possible. We trial run the payroll alongside your own before we take the reigns to ensure there are no glitches.

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