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Beverley has a strong sense of community. And it’s this sense of support and togetherness that made us want to make the town home for Stipendia, helping businesses across the country with their payroll needs from our base in Swaby’s Yard.

Since we began 6 years ago, we’ve become an important part of life in East Yorkshire.

The company has been directly responsible for raising more than £4,000 for charity, Go Kids Go; a fantastic local charity that helps disabled kids mix with their able bodied counterparts and raise awareness about the struggles they face on a daily basis. Whilst running the Beverley 10k in 2014 and 2015 staff members raised £2,000 each year, which has been donated to the charity.

A further £2,000 was raised for the Beverley Barge Preservation Society, when director Lynne Auton was part of a team that pulled the barge 200m along the beck.

In her role as treasurer at the Beverley Chamber of Trade, Lynne has been instrumental in raising a combined total of more than £2,000 for charity N.U.R.S.E, that supply defibrillators, by running a ball. A further £6,000 was raised for Ssafa, an armed forces charity, when the chamber held another ball.

This Christmas, Stipendia ran a reverse advent calendar initiative for the Beverley food bank. This saw members of the public drop off certain types of food each day that could then be distributed to those in need. The office reception served as the drop off point and collected five full shopping bags of produce each day.

The company also actively supports local sport. As a sponsor of Barton Town FC, a football team we got involved in through a client, we’re helping them to develop the region’s talent and put local non-league football on the map.

Additionally, our director Lynne Auton won gold in the English Masters weightlifting competition, which is for males and females over the age of 35 and is split into age and weight categories. And not satisfied with that, Lynne has set her sights on further medals. She has qualified for the British Championships in March, which is to be held in Lillieshall. Having just brought home the gold, she’s coming to the end of an eight-week training schedule ready for the next event.

Charity and sporting commitments aside, Stipendia is, of course, hugely active in the local business scene. They’re part of the Beverley Referral Business Network, which is currently thriving with 16 other Beverley-based businesses working to help each other. The company also has worked with 94 East Yorkshire-based businesses. They’ve helped them run successful companies, contributing to local jobs and a healthy local economy.

Here’s to many more successful years in our home here in Beverley!

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