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Introducing ‘Workie’: Encouraging Employers to Think About Workplace Pensions

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  A 10 foot multi-coloured monster might not be the first thing that comes to mind when employers think about workplace pensions, however today, The Department for Work and Pensions have introduced ‘Workie’. The large furry character unmistakably resembles a cross between the Gruffalo and Monsters Inc’s Sulley and represents a physical embodiment of Workplace […]

Your 10 Step Small Business Auto-Enrolment Plan

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Small Business Auto-Enrolment With effect from 1 June 2015, small businesses employing fewer than 30 staff became bound by the requirements of the new pension auto-enrolment regime, obliging them to automatically enrol all eligible employees into a qualifying pension scheme and to make a minimum contribution to that scheme. The Pensions Regulator recently warned that […]

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